Thank You!!

"It’s a great group with a non-judgemental philosophy. You can write down your feelings, which in turn ‘lightens the load’. It helps so very much."

"This group is amazing and am so glad to be a part of it"

"This group is just fantastic, knowing there is always someone there to help or assist when needed is paramount, thank you all for your very hard work, I'm sure many others feel the same knowing we can confer with each other without reprisals.Wishing all staff and members the very best wishes, and sending hugs and love to all xxxx ❤️"

"I love that I can read others post and advice on how they are dealing with their illnesses. I've always known I wasn't alone but never knew that their was so many people going through the same issues. THANK YOU!"

"The group is literally a life saver and is making a difference for those who feel they have no voice in this world, we have a great network of support and it gives people hope xox"

"Thank you to each and everyone of you for being there for me as well as other people."

"It's such a good group; to know you can express how you are feeling and everyone understands what you are going through and are very supportive of each other."

"We are a group of strangers reaching out to each other sharing our personal thoughts and helping each other xx"

"This group was started by a beautiful soul and populated likewise."

"This group is helping me so much. It's a safe place to share feeling and to learn from others."

"I have not been in this group for very long but what I have found is nothing less than amazing. The first time that i have felt safe to share some of my story. I have been given nothing but support and kindness. Its so nice to be amongst people who don't judge and understand your journey. Thank you for accepting me into this group. It is my safe space."

"This group was started by an amazing person and it's full of amazing people who, although fighting their own battles, reach out and help others who are struggling. This group is a life saver and a safe space for everyone."

"From little acorns mighty oaks do grow! What started as one man’s need to write down his thoughts, has grown into a wealth of support and understanding for thousands of people. Sharing advice and offering each other encouragement is the best medicine."