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Through our extremely successful Community Page (Taking off the Mask: Depression and Me), we have supported hundreds of people in crisis and given them a safe space to open up about how they feel. Accessing thousands of other individuals, from all over the world, that really know what they are going through, has proven to be an immensely enlightening and burden bearing medium for so many people. The immense speed in which the Community grew, is a very clear testament to the level of need that is out there. From a very small acorn, did our mighty oak grow and all of us associated with TOTM feel incredibly proud and humbled in equal measure.

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Taking off the Mask 'Live'

The Founder of Taking off the Mask, Adam Parkes, has developed a wonderful programme of public live events, in which he discusses his own experiences and speaks passionately about the fight to end the stigma. Once heard, never forgotten; and through the generous support of your donations, we want to take these events to every town or city that is ready to hear them. Admission at these events has always been free of charge and we rely solely on donations to keep them running.


We have developed a number of Taking off the Mask merchandise that you can view and purchase from this site. For so long, mental health has remained in the shadows and we are fighting for this to end. By purchasing one of our gifts, you are not only guaranteeing the future of TOTM but, in your own way, showing the world that you are not ashamed to have something that declares 'I am proud to support people who struggle with their mental health'

Taking off the Mask Scholarship Programme

We want to give something back to the Community and it's members. We want those that have struggled in the past, to enhance their skills and gain recognised qualifications, so they can offer professional support and advice to others. We have, therefore, recently introduced the Taking off the Mask Scholarship Programme, which will offer funding for the successful applicant, to complete a professional counselling qualification. For more information on how to apply, please  click below. 

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Adam Parkes Founder & CEO


Adam has worked in education for over 20 years and held all positions from Classroom Teacher to Senior Leader. He founded Taking off the Mask, initially as a personal blog, in order to give himself a little therapy. Little did he know that it would snowball as it did and, ultimately, develop into the Community it is today. He is absolutely committed to fighting the stigma surrounding mental health and, as someone that has suffered greatly at the hands of depression and anxiety, is determined that TOTM becomes integral to bringing about this change. 

Adam speaks publicly about living with depression and these events, Taking off the Mask 'Live', are definitely something not to be missed. 

Adam has a daughter, Ellie, whom he calls his inspiration and supports Blackburn Rovers FC which he says, contrary to popular belief, isn't the cause of his depression...although it did introduce him to Andy Green! 

Andy Green COO


Andy has 35 years experience in Management and Consultancy working for some of the largest global corporations in the IT industry.

 A diagnosis of Prostate Cancer following a routine test meant surgery in 2013. The subsequent period of recuperation included the development of an early retirement plan that was executed in 2015.

Andy's involvement in Taking Off The Mask is a direct consequence of his support for the emotional roller coaster that is Blackburn Rovers FC. The connection being Adam Parkes, not depression.