Our Sponsors & Partners


Potential Partners?

Would you or your Company Like to work with Taking off the Mask to Fight the Stigma?

As a Non-Profit Organisation, we are very aware that we will only be able to succeed in our mission with the continuing support of members and businesses. We are always looking for those that share our mission and, in return, offer a number of packages to repay you for your support. 

From shared merchandising, to working with staff to improve mental health and resilience in the workplace, Taking off the Mask will ensure that any investment or support that is made, brings with it substantial reward. This will include exposure on our website and other media outlets, TOTM Certification and Award and ongoing training and support. 

If you wish to discuss your working with Taking off the Mask, now or in the future, please contact us via our email address admin@takingoffthemask.org or call 07949561995. 

TOGETHER we can beat the stigma, once and for all.