The TOTM Scholarship Programme

Get a Qualification on us!!

Have you ever thought of undertaking a Counselling Diploma Course?

Perhaps you want to focus on CBT, Coaching, NLP or young people?

Has the cost always made it prohibitive?

Would you like to be the first Taking off the Mask Scholar?

Would you be happy to support community members with your knowledge at the end?

If the answer to these questions is 'yes', then please consider applying for the inaugural TOTM Scholarship Programme.

The successful applicant will be registered to undertake a registered, recognised course in counselling or equivalent discipline. This will be distance learning (online) and all materials will be included. There will be assignments that need to be completed and you be given online support from a course tutor. 

If you have always wanted to give something back or even understand yourself a little better, then the TOTM Scholarship Programme may be just what you are looking for.

How do I Apply?

Application is simple. Using no more than 1000 words, tell us why you would like to undertake the qualification, in what area you wish to study and what you hope to gain from it at the end. Applicants need to send their entries, in Word or PDF format to

Simple as that!!

The successful applicant will be chosen by the TOTM Board and informed via email. You have until August 31st to get your application in and the Scholarship will be announced within 7 days of that date. 

Good luck to those that apply and remember this will, hopefully, be the first of many scholarships awarded by Taking off the Mask.